TAEKWONDO FOR KIDS – Taekwondo classes specialized for children.

Is your child shy? Disrespectful? Have learning disabilities? Well, that is guaranteed to change while taking our TKD classes! Our instructors are top of the notch in knowing how to take care of these problems! Within just a few short weeks we can change them from shy to outgoing, from disrespectful to respectful, from learning disabilities making things difficult to easing them into dealing with their disabilities properly. The list goes on! In our classes we merge lessons into games to where they don’t even notice they are learning!  They love the games to where it’s all they want to do, but it isn’t all fun and games. We also offer sparring classes and forms nights to help them with their techniques. Taekwondo Classes are designed specifically for children ages 4 and up. We won’t let you down, they will love it! We recommend coming 2-3 times a week so your child does not forget things or does not get overwhelmed, but in reality you can come as often as you’d like! There are no limitations! And if you want to join as well alongside your child, you are more than welcome!


TAEKWONDO FOR ADULTS – Taekwondo Curriculum Aimed Toward Adults