With the prevalence today of innocent people getting attacked more often, the potential of becoming a statistic is now even greater than it was years ago. Even school buses are no longer safe. Walking to your car in a parking lot is a risk, although always taken for granted. Even worse is the severe chance that one of your children could be attacked as they walk down a neighborhood sidewalk, playground, etc. It is time that people take seriously the chances we all take every day.

By learning “effective” self defense, you can prepare yourself and your children. Bullying is a serious problem but your child does not have to remain defenseless. Once an attacker enters your circle of safety, you are no longer safe. At New Wave Martial Arts in Perry Hall, we can teach you to be prepared, effective and a danger when the attacker simply figured they had another victim. Our training is safe, yet totally effective and could mean the difference between you and your children arriving home safe…or not. Don’t delay another day. Visit us and Master Rick will demonstrate a couple moves that you will find so easy, yet so capable of stopping an attacker in their tracks. What have you got to lose except remaining a potential victim.