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Master Rick

Head Master / Combative Self Defense Instructor


After watching his sons begin their Taekwondo training, Master Rick decided to begin taking classes with them. While he is a 5th Dan Master in Taekwondo <em>(Training for 6th), </em>he is also a Certified Master in Hand-to-Hand Combat. Many TKD schools across the USA teach basic self-defense moves that aren't practical in real life situations. However, Master Rick teaches moves that have proven to be very effective out on the street. He teaches Hand-to-Hand Combat from young teenagers up to full grown adults, including Law Enforcement and Military Personnel, and is the Head Master at New Wave Martial Arts.

Years in Taekwondo:  Since 1995

Current Rank: 5th Dan Master in Taekwondo/TangSooDo

Master Certified in Hand-to-Hand Combat and Self Defense

Certification: Kukkiwon International

Affiliation:  World Taekwondo Federation, Maryland Taekwondo Association



Hand-to-Hand Combat