Are you looking to get into shape? Looking to get tone? Build Up Your Endurace?….We have a class JUST for you! Our upbeat, high intensity workout will whip you into shape while also having fun with your friends. From jabs, crosses, uppercuts, kicks, endurance/bag workouts and more, you will have everything you need to lose weight and tone up while having fun doing it! Our resources have been used in order to assure that our students may have a well rounded work out. Teaching Cardio Kickboxing is something many martial arts schools offer. Most claim to be the best, yet NWMA claims that not only will you receive some of the finest Cardio you can find, but that you will love our bright and enjoyable atmosphere, family attitudes, intense workouts, and yes, even the price! Our workouts vary from day to day. One day may be obstacles to challenge yourself through and weight training, as the next is running and ab workouts! along with those workouts, we also offer station workouts, bag workouts, and much more! Come check it out! This is the ONLY school where you can enjoy a Cardio workout while your children are taking their classes ranging from Taekwondo to Kali4Kids! Why drive around dropping kids off one place while you go to another to train? Do everything at the same location. No where else but at NWMA will you find the offerings and programs we provide. New Wave Martial Arts is truly Second to None!