Our After School Children’s Program was designed to help children build confidence and respect while having fun with other kids their age. We have a full-proof curriculum specialized for younger children to mid-teens that will allow them to grow individually, socially, and educationally.

After School Program for Kids in Perry Hall, MD

What Our After School Camp4Kids Program Has To Offer:

  • Transportation from School – We have experienced drivers that will gladly pick up your child from their school if it is in the local area. This will eliminate your worry from leaving work on time in order to make sure your children get picked up! Call 410-961-4313 to see if we pick up from your school!
  • Martial Arts Classes – These martial arts classes are designed specifically for children and teens.
    • As we are a Martial Arts School located in Perry Hall, classes for your children are built into the cost of After School Program pricing.
  • Homework and Study Time – Do you constantly worry if your children are doing their homework and getting the proper study time for upcoming tests? Worry no more! Our After School Curriculum has time built-in for Studying and doing homework. If your children need any help on their work, our staff at New Wave Martial Arts will certainly help them out!
  • Team Building Activities – Are you looking for a program to get your kid more involved with other children their age? Our Team Building Activities will help your child to gain better social skills while working hand-in-hand with others their age to solve problems.
  • Confidence Building – Our daily program is designed to help children to boost their confidence by getting them involved with others their age. By working with other children, your child will become more confident through confidence building activities and games. Not only will they gain confidence, they will have a lot of fun while doing so!
  • Fun Sports Activities – Your children will have a lot of fun with the sports activities offered in Our Camp4Kids program. From dodge ball, to crab soccer and other sports activities, this program incorporates hand-eye and foot-eye coordination as well as martial arts learning skills.